Make Curly Eyelashes Instantly – In order to appear charming, many things will be done by men and women. Starting from using make-up to doing maintenance. But sometimes, some people find it difficult to apply make-up every day. I really want to wake up from bed, my face is cool instantaneously but it doesn’t take much effort.

Make Curly Eyelashes Instantly

Well, one of the more “in” treatments lately is the treatment for eyelashes. Starting from the most popular, namely connecting the lashes with eyelash extension treatments to lifting with the eyelash lifting technique. Similar to eyelash lifting, there is also a treatment called keratin eyelash lifting. Then what’s the difference? Come see the following Hipwee reviews!

Eyelash lifting is a refinement of the curly lash technique. The method is to lift it by attaching the lashes to a thick silicone adhesive. Meanwhile, keratin eyelash lifting also uses the same method, namely lifting, but with the addition of pigment infusion.

Eyelash lifing has curly and natural lashes. However, due to its ability to lock in the treatment results, keratin eyelash lifting will show you thicker, darker, and longer lashes. Of course, depending on the initial condition of the lashes you have.

According to Eyelashes Manufacturer Indonesia, the length of treatment usually depends on the thickness or thinness of the lashes. Usually for regular eyelash lifting, it will take as much as 45 minutes to 1.5 hours. As for keratin eyelash lifting, it can take around 1.5 hours or more.

These two treatments do have different results, but the lifespan is almost the same, which is around 4-6 weeks. After that you can make an appointment with the same studio where you did your previous treatment.

Similar to the eyelash extension technique, you are also prohibited from rubbing your eyes. Also do not be exposed to excessive heat such as exposure to steaming steam, sauna, or use of a hair dryer. After 24 hours you can already use make-up for your eyes, but avoid waterproof mascara!

Basically, what distinguishes this eyelash treatment is the keratin used, so the time and costs are also different. Also keep in mind, the results obtained can also be influenced by the thickness or length of your previous lashes. Hopefully this article can provide enlightenment for those who are confused about making choices.

Maybe that’s all the information we can convey to all of you, visit the Eyelashes Manufacturer Indonesia website to get various kinds of other information about beauty. Hopefully the information we have provided above can be useful for all of you.