Mistakes in Using Mascara – Mascara has always been a mainstay of women. The function of mascara is to give the illusion of curling and thicker lashes. The process of using it is quite simple and easy so it doesn’t take long to make a girl’s eye makeover look attractive.

Mistakes in Using Mascara

However, mascara needs to be used carefully so as not to clump and make lashes weird. Well, here are some mistakes using mascara that can make your makeup look bad and you need to avoid it according to the article we quoted from the Eyelashes Manufacturer Indonesia website.

  1. Taking too much fluids

One common mistake when wearing mascara is taking in too much fluid. As a result, the mascara brush will fill up with liquid and can make the liquid clump up in your lashes. “You can gently pump the brush or in a circular motion to extract the amount of liquid,” says Marlena, Founder and CEO of Makeup Geek Blog.

  1. Drain the liquid first

After taking the mascara, make sure you drain it first. Wipe the handle of the mascara with a tissue or drain in the mascara container. So, when used, the liquid is not too much and does not clot.

  1. Curl lashes after using mascara

Before using mascara, always use an eyelash curler first. Avoid using eyelash curlers after using mascara. This method can avoid broken or plucked lashes.

  1. How to pluck lashes

If you wear false lashes regularly enough, pay attention when removing lashes. Avoid pulling it out of the eye right away. The correct way is to use a q-tip and pour oil remover, then brush it around the lashes to remove your false lashes.

  1. Wear old mascara

To prevent infection, make sure you check the expiration date of the mascara used. Mascara that is too old and expired can make lashes fall out easily.

  1. Frequent rubbing of the eyes

Makeup on the eyes is often uncomfortable. However, make sure you don’t rub your eyes too often as this can cause the lashes to fall out and get into your eyes. Moreover, if you use mascara, the particles might get into your eyes. So, refrain from rubbing your eyes, huh.

Maybe that’s all the information we can provide for all of you. Hopefully the information above can be useful for all of you. Don’t forget to visit the Eyelashes Manufacturer website to get a variety of other interesting information, hope it helps.