The 6 best Eyelash Serums you didn’t Expect – There are many ways to get thicker, longer, curlier looking lashes. In the past, options were limited to using false lashes and lash glue. But now there are also options such as eyelash extensions, lash lifts, and lash tints.

The 6 best Eyelash Serums you didn’t Expect

In addition, there is also a mascara that is getting more and more innovative with a formula that can lengthen lashes, even if only temporarily. Do not forget, also include the eyelash serum in this list.

In the last few years, eyelash serums have seen a lot of growth in both variety and formula, as has their popularity. Especially with the pandemic condition that is still ongoing today, eyelash serum is an option because you can’t get treatment at salons or many salons are forced to close.

Eyelash serum, which is usually formulated with vitamin E or castor oil, can moisturize and strengthen lashes, but technically this serum can’t actually make it grow. It’s just that, the eyelash serum that can strengthen these lashes can prevent them from breaking or falling out so that they look thicker and also support their growth.

Check out these six best lash serum choices that we have quoted from the Eyelashes Manufacturer Indonesia website to get thicker, longer, and curlier lashes.

  1. Shiseido Full Lash and Brow Serum

Wearing mascara from day to day can make your lashes brittle. If that’s the case, this eyelash serum from Shiseido can help restore her, leaving her looking healthy and shiny over time.

Enriched with arginine, this product is the best eyelash serum for strengthening broken or damaged lashes and requires extra attention. Many users claim to see results after four months of use.

  1. Rimmel Lash Accelerator Serum

The tiny applicator of this lash growth serum makes for a very precise application.

  1. Maybelline Lash Sensational Serum

Thin lashes will be stronger and healthier with the best eyelash serum from Maybelline. The mini spoolie applicator can really insert the product into the lashes, making the lashes fall out too much.

  1. RevitaLash Cosmetics Advanced Eyelash Conditioner

This eyelash conditioner protects your lashes from damage while encouraging their growth. This product is vegan, paraben free and oil free, also hypoallergenic, so it would be a better choice if you have more sensitive eyes. Be patient, it may take up to 5-6 weeks to see results.

  1. Etude House My Lash Serum

The best serum from Etude House takes care of your lashes from the root, making your lashes stronger and healthier. By applying it to the lashes or using it before applying mascara, this product will nourish the eye line and the root of the lashes, soothe the tired and sensitive lashes and prevent hair loss, keeping the lashes strong and elastic.

  1. Nutrishe Nutrilash Eyelash & Eyebrow Serum

Many users have recognized Nutrilash by Nutrishe as the best lash serum for growing, strengthening, and lengthening lashes and eyebrows. This product will help overcome the problem of eyelash loss due to eyelash extensions. Plus, this product is made from 100% natural ingredients without animal elements, preservatives, and dyes, also vegan and cruelty-free.

Those were the six best eyelash serum recommendations that you can try. But remember, even though you use the best eyelash serum and apply it diligently every day, you have to be patient because the results can’t be seen immediately.

Some people may get results after a month of use, while others may not see a difference until the third or fourth month. If you still don’t see signs that show results, then maybe you just don’t match the product.

Maybe that’s all the information we can convey to all of you. Hopefully the information above can be useful for all of you. Don’t forget to visit the website of Eyelashes Manufacturer to get a variety of other interesting information.