Comparison of False Eyelashes and Extensions – The trend of beautifying yourself is now increasingly favored by women all over the world. Various attempts have been made to make the face look charming, one of which is like curling and thickening of the lashes. There are many ways that can be used to make your lashes look more beautiful, including fake lashes and eyelash extensions. But which of the two is better? Check out the discussion below!

Comparison of False Eyelashes and Extensions

The eye is one part of the body that is often the main focus when meeting someone. Therefore, it is not surprising that make-up techniques in the eye area really require special skills to attract attention. Especially for people who want to apply for jobs, all efforts related to eye catching will definitely be done. For example, starting from the style of dress, accessories to make-up. All of that will certainly feel complicated for those who are not used to it, especially when doing facial makeup in the eye area.

However, over time and the ease of internet access to sophisticated technology makes it easier for everyone to get what they want. One of them is in beautifying the eyes. There are various ways that can be done, starting from applying special serums, lash extensions, to surgery. No matter how much it costs, as long as the appearance can attract attention, it will definitely do. However, when viewed from the daily environment today, many women in Indonesia choose to use eyelashes or those that are just partners or fakes.


So, between using fake eyelash with embroidering eyelashes, which one is better to choose? For those who are still confused, it’s a good idea to first listen to some of the considerations outlined in the review below Comparison of False Eyelashes and Extensions:

  1. Based on how to install

When asked which is better between embroidering eyelashes using fake eyelash? it is clear that you can consider from the way the fake eyelash can be attached easily using a special glue. Unlike eyelash embroidery, someone who is interested must come to a clinic or a beauty doctor. The process of installing a lash extension begins by injecting anesthetic fluid, then attaching strands of fake eyelash to between the real hairs. Usually, the patient who implants the eyelashes for the first time will feel pain accompanied by tears. So for those who are afraid of syringes, you should choose to use fake eyelashes only.

  1. Type of Eyelashes Used

Based on the type, usually a beauty doctor will offer several types of eyelashes, ranging from short curls, long thick and many more. There are even those that provide real lashes, so that it looks more natural. Of course, this can only be obtained by doing eyelash embroidery.

  1. Duration of Endurance

Fake eyelashes, of course, cannot be used for twenty-four hours and will easily come off if exposed to water. Unlike the case with planted lashes, the resistance can be up to one to three months. After that, you have to retouch it again.

  1. Based on the price

For those of you who want to have charming eyes but are on a low budget, you should just use loose eyelashes or fake eyelash. Why? because the price is much cheaper. In fact, the price of a pair is only priced starting from Rp. 3000.00 to Rp. 30,000.00 only. In eyelashes manufacturer

  1. Regarding the Treatment Method

The better the quality of the eyelash extension, the better the daily care must be. For example, regularly cleaning the eye area so that dust does not cause irritation. Therefore, for those who are impatient with such things, it is clearly better to use loose (fake) lashes.

That’s a brief review of the considerations between fake eyelash vs eyelash extensions that can be rethought. If you really want to choose eyelash planting, you should choose a beautician who is an expert. Why? to avoid irritation and blindness due to wrong practice. So, which one is better between the two? The answer is depending on individual needs. If you are still confused, you can consult us to get a treatment that suits your condition. Visit eyelashes manufacturer indonesia for more information.