How to make a face like a barbie – Who doesn’t want to have a face like a barbie? Surely every woman wants that, especially in terms of make-up in the eye area. Makeup on the eyes really determines the final result of the whole makeup.

How to make a face like a barbie

Making barbie makeup is indeed quite complicated at first and requires courage in combining colors and playing with the eye color. To try to make you look like a barbie you can follow these tips.

  1. Make sure facial skin looks perfect

What you have to do in the beginning Face makeup like a barbie is that you have to have a flawless and flawless face base. You have to be painstaking and careful too to do this step. After applying skincare, you can use a primer which will give it a matte finish. After that you can use the foundation using a sponge or brush and continue with some of the other parts that you have to cover. Finally, you can use powder to lock in foundation and concealer. You can also get maximum results by baking under the eyes while you do the makeup on the eyes.

  1. Use a pastel eyeshadow

Appearance Makeup looks like a cute barbie that looks identical to pastel and shimmer eyelids. Therefore, you should choose pastel colors from your favorite eyeshadow. And how to apply a brownish nude color on your eyelid crease first. Choose the pastel eyeshadow color you want on the lids and blend it to make it look natural. Then just use shimmer eyeshadow just enough on the part of the eyelid that is closer to the lashes.

  1. Use false lashes

After applying the eyesahdow you can continue by selecting the false lashes. Choosing the right lashes is one of the important things in making a barbie look. Use false lashes that are slightly longer than usual as close to the real lashes as possible. Try to choose faux lashes that are light and natural to keep your appearance cute but not over the top. You can also choose lashes made from synthetic materials to make them more durable and can be used more than once.

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  1. Use eyeliner on the lash line

After using fake lashes, you can use various types of eyeliner for this barbie eye makeup. Like the type of liquid eyeliner or pencil. However, to want maximum results, it’s a good idea to use a liquid eyeliner type and apply it with a wing model on the corner of your eye. After your lash glue dries, immediately apply the black eyeliner to the line of your upper eyelid. To make it easier, you can use an eyeliner pen or marker. Give a winged eyeliner effect on both corners of your eyes to make it look cute and sweet.

  1. Give makeup with a charming impression

The last step is how to make a face like a barbie, what you can do to look cute barbie style is to give the impression of a doll effect on your makeup. The trick is to apply blush and highlighter right on the cheekbones. After that, give the small dots on the lower eyelid as close as possible to the lower lashes so you get a barbie dolly eye effect.

After that, highlight the inner corner of your eye (near the nose) using a bright color like silver or white. By using highlights, the corners of your eyes will stand out more.

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Those are the tips from us with how to make a face like this barbie suitable for formal occasions such as weddings or other formalities. So you don’t need to hesitate to apply it so that you look different from usual. good luck and success always for you.