The mistake of curling eyelashes – Having long, thick, and curly eyelashes is the dream of many people, especially women. Therefore, many of us often make up our lashes by pinning them and using mascara. Unfortunately, there are many mistakes that are still made when it comes to curling lashes.

The mistake of curling eyelashes

These mistakes not only make your lashes look less attractive, but can also damage and make your lashes fall out, you know! Come on, read on to find out 6 mistakes that are often made when using an eyelash curler. Is there something you still do often? The mistake of curling eyelashes

  1. Using the wrong technique

If you get used to pressing the lash curler only once, stop! Beauty experts recommend pressing the curler four to eight times at the root, then several more times along the length of the lash until it reaches the tip of the lash. With this technique, your lashes will be charming and shaped like soft curves rather than like the letter L.

  1. Using less clean tongs

Eyelash curlers need to be cleaned regularly for the same reason that makeup brushes can be a breeding ground for bacteria from your eyes and the surrounding area! Therefore, don’t forget to clean your eyelash curlers every week. this can help prevent the spread of bacteria and make your eyelash curlers more durable and work better.

  1. Don’t replace your lash curlers

Even if you clean your tongs every week, the mechanism can start to loosen up over time. Also, an eyelash curler that doesn’t work properly can damage your lashes. If your virtual hair clip starts to look damaged and worn, then you should throw it away. To be on the safe side, experts recommend replacing the curler every few months.

  1. Using mascara before curling lashes

This is probably one of the most common and most damaging mistakes you can make when using an eyelash curler. Rather than making your lashes more voluminous or curved, mascara can make your lashes feel sticky so they are more likely to be plucked out by the curler. Therefore, you should definitely use mascara after curling your lashes. This will make your lash shape more durable and add volume to it.

  1. Clamping with excessive pressure

Don’t press too hard with your tongs. If you make this mistake, your lashes will curl at too sharp an angle and look a little weird and less charming. Pinching too hard can also cause your lashes to break or fall out. If your curler is of good quality, you shouldn’t need to use too much force to curl it.

  1. You don’t heat your lash curlers

Heating your lash curls will help make your curls last. You can heat your eyelash curlers using a hairdryer. Just turn on your hairdryer and hold the curler in front of it for a few seconds.

Don’t forget to blow on your tongs before using them so you don’t overheat! This trick is especially helpful if you have coarse lashes that don’t curl easily. Another option is to use a heated eyelash curler. For more information, visit Eyelashes Manufacturer Indonesia.